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Welcome to Ethera - a new innovative yield farming protocol designed to reward its holders through passive staking. With a suite of BSC tools in development and other crypto variations in the pipeline.


Let Your $ETA Tokens Make Money For You

$ETA provides a truly unique experience with it’s very own dApp for staking. $ETA allows you to let your hard earned tokens reap serious rewards by reinvesting via staking.

Lockeds LP and Wallet




Reward Holders

Designed to become scarcer over time, Each member automatically receives a % fee of every transaction that takes place on the network. The community receives more from the fees generated with the EtheraBets project, which means that when the bookmaker wins, automatically 50% of the value is purchased from an ethera token thus valuing the coin and rewarding its holders Ethera is a project that rewards long-term investors. By integrating crypto trading bots into the Ethera ecosystem, the project can benefit from their automated trading capabilities and sophisticated algorithms. Bots like bitindex ai can actively trade various tokens automatically, avoids manual errors, and helps generate better profits.


The system has created a total of 10.000,000,000,000,000 Ethera tokens. Strategically, the business was initially designed with a focus on the growth and experience of the community, respecting and being transparent with the users. 100% of LP LOCKED FOR 1 YEAR. UK casinos not on Gamstop are integrating Ethera tokens, leveraging Ethereum blockchain technology for secure, transparent transactions. These tokens enhance player privacy and offer decentralized finance options, transforming online gambling into a more inclusive and innovative experience, while bypassing traditional financial systems.

Ethera Whitepaper

The official Ethera whitepaper can be found below. Within this document you will be able to view all of our detailed plans to understand just how Ethera is going to work.

Ethera Roadmap

Phase 1
🚥 Ethera Initial Launch
  • Launch Ethera Website ✔️
  • Launch Social Media Sites ✔️
  • 10,000 telegram members ✔️
  • Begin Marketing phase 1 ✔️
  • Full Contract Audit ✔️
  • Vote CoinSniper ✔️
  • WhitePaper ✔️
Phase 2
🚀 Ethera BSC Launch
  • Announce Ethera BSC Tokenomics ✔️
  • Influencer marketing push. to be continued...
  • Launch Ethera on BSC ✔️
  • Apply for CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, CoinSniper, Blockfolio ✔️
  • Apply for official TrustWallet listing ✔️
  • Launch EtheraBlack
  • 20,000 telegram members
  • Begin Marketing Phase 2
  • Launch EtheraSwap
  • Release Ethera NFT
Phase 3
🌎 Ethera Expansion Announcement
  • Ethera Expansion
  • Announcement
  • Launch EtheraBETS
  • List Gate.oi
  • 50,000 telegram members
  • Expand Team Worldwide
  • List Coinbase
  • Release BSC Ethera to official exchanges
  • List Binance
Phase 4
🈸 Ethera Consolidation
  • 100,000 Holders
  • 100,000 telegram members
  • Release beta version of marketplace for Ethera
  • Release beta version of Ethera Charting app
  • Launch EtheraBets
  • EtheraStore
Phase 5
🌒 Ethera in the Moon
  • Ethera Token Accepted everywhere.
  • 500,000 + Holders
  • 1,000,000 + telegram members
  • Launch EtheraSports
  • TOP 10 MarketCap listing on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko
  • Release Binance, Crypto.com, Kucoin, Coinbase
Phase 6
🔥 25% supply burned at start
  • 🔥 After reaching 5k holders 5%
  • to be continued...
Phase 7
🔒 LP and Wallets Locked
  • 🔒 Marketing wallet address : 0xxxxxxxX2.....6Bc61
  • 🔒 EtheraBets wallet address: 0xxxxxxxX2.....12240
  • 🔒 EtheraSwap wallet address: 0xxxxxxxX2.....5f9e7
  • ✅ EtheraPix for sale wallet address : 0xxxxxxxX2.....1984A



Ethera will deliver in its first days of life the swap platform.

EtheraSwap: is a fantastic platform for creating, buying and selling cryptocurrencies.


is a platform developed for betting based on cryptocurrency, this means that you can bet on your favorite Team, Game, or sport just by purchasing the Ethera token on EtheraBET


NFT emits a seal of authenticity for digital assets, using blockchain technology. As the cryptographic key of the products is stored in the Blockchain Ethereum, it is possible to make a sale and receive payment in cryptocurrencies, which is great given the great appreciation of digital currencies.


Ethera arrives with this fantastic sponsorship project and tickets sales for the great sports in the world.

$ETA and BNB

Ethera will begin it’s journey on the Binance Smart Chain before expanding into other popular token networks afterwards. Below you’ll find details of all the tokenomics for the initial BNB contract.

Burn address

25% Burned

25% supply is burned at start

25% commemorative Burn

Liquidity % locked

55% Locked via Mudra


50% Automatic token repurchase ethera

Liquidity Pools


$ETA Tokenomics

Ethera tokenomics for the initial BSC launch have now been finalised and can be found to the right hand side in the pie chart displayed.

Ethera Audit

The Ethera BSC audit is now complete with the SolidProof audit team providing this. We are a ApeAudits, meaning our identities are fully revealed for this project! We do this to add more accountability for our actions and to put our reputations on the line for what we believe this project will truly achieve. Check the link below to view the full audit!